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Appraisals and Floorplans for Commercial and Residential real estate

A real estate appraisal is like taking a snapshot of a property to figure out how much it’s worth. Imagine you’re trying to understand the value of your real estate, and you ask an unbiased friend how much they think it’s worth. We consider things like where the property is located, what type is it, and what is the purpose of the report. A real estate appraiser visits the property, analyzes the size, condition, features, and compares it to similar properties that have recently sold nearby. Then, they use all that info to come up with an educated guess about how much the property could sell for in the subject’s market area. It’s crucial because it helps buyers, sellers, lenders, and insurers understand the value of the property they’re dealing with.

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When Realtors list homes for sale, they are required by the NCREC to verify the sq ft of the property. Some measure the homes themselves, others hire our trusted inspectors. We are your friendly, measurement experts who use digital technologies to verify every single sq ft. Our professional floorplans get delivered to you within 24 hours of inspecting the property. You get peace of mind.

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When it comes to commercial real estate, the appraisal process follows a similar principle but is tailored to the specific nature of commercial properties. Picture yourself owning a small office building or a retail space instead of a house. Just like with residential properties, an appraiser evaluates factors like location, size, condition, and features. However, they also consider additional aspects such as rental income potential, lease terms, operating expenses, and the property’s overall investment potential.

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The appraisal process for residential real estate, is focused on determining the value of homes and properties used primarily for living purposes. Imagine you’re trying to understand the value of your own home. Like asking an unbiased friend, a real estate appraiser considers factors such as the property’s location, size, condition, and features. They also analyze recent sales of comparable homes in the subject’s market area to gauge market trends and prices. This helps them arrive at an educated estimate of how much your property could sell for in the current market.
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Saimir "Sai" Ogranaja

Commercial  and Residential real estate appraiser as well as  Network Charlotte CEO 

The Last 20 years have been spent either appraising, measuring or photographing residential homes, commercial buildings, hotels and apartments.



ZeMi Designs is our go-to for all Charlotte listings! Sam and his team excel in accurate floor plans and stunning photos. Their professionalism and generosity elevate our clients' experience. A+ vendors!


I use ZeMi Designs for my listing measurements and am always very satisfied. Communication is fantastic. I am always happy with their efficiency and accuracy. I highly recommend!


I have referred many listing agents in the Charlotte area to Zemi Designs for measurement and photography service. They are always quick, accurate, and friendly. A step above the competition.


Sai is an absolute pleasure to work with! True professionalism, attention to detail, and his prompt response time are what set Sai apart.. I highly recommend ZeMi Designs!


Sai delivers an excellent product. He's always been easy to work. Every homeowner I've introduced him to comments in the ease of interaction and quality he produces. As a Realtor, any vendor that consistently makes me look good is an easy choice.


Quick response and extremely detailed! Sai is super easy to work with and always works around our crazy schedule. We love working with ZeMi Designs!

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