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The most accurate tool for house measurements!

We make house measurements for Realtors in Charlotte, NC and follow the same guidelines, every day. We use the Leica X310, or other similar offerings from Leica, like the X3 or X4. You can use whatever tool you’re most comfortable with, even a tape if you must, as most homeowners seem to expect us to, but why?!

  • A laser is more accurate (+/- 2mm on my X310)
  • Because it’s SO MUCH easier to take the dimension over and over, you tend to take more measurements and so your measurements become more accurate.
  • Just in case someone is going to make an argument that tape never fails, I’m about to crush that right now. I once had my 100 ft tape fall in dog poop, which was right next to the house wall I was measuring. I rolled quite a bit of it inside the housing, before I took notice. #taperuined I’ve yet to hear of a Leica laser fail and have NEVER had one fail on me! I’ve dropped them, cracked screens on them, got them wet (never submerged) and as long as you have batteries, they just keep playing through, like champs.

In closing, it really is about accuracy. As long as you’re coming up with the accurate sq ft, I don’t care if you use your shoe, but seriously, please don’t?